19 Sep. 2014 – Communications


VoIP Innovations (VI) was established in 2007 and since then has been one of the key players in the telecommunications industry. VI is committed to delivering the best quality of service and the lowest possible price and no one else in the industry does it better than we do.

The key to VI’s success has been using technology to provide choice, automation, and control for its customers. VI became an industry leader with its BackOffice platform helping customers to choose their own network and pick features such as inbound and outbound calling, E911, Fraud Detection, Hosted Billing, and an End User Portal.

VI also provides a programmable communications API platform called Apidaze. With programmable communications, VI’s customers can build their own services on VI’s network, or add voice, messaging, fax, and video to apps, services or business processes.

VI also provides pre-built apps in its a dynamic Showroom comprised of an ever-expanding portfolio of communications services that were built using its Programmable Services platform.


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