2 Apr 2018 – Non-Profit


The non-profit Tapolci Foundation was established in 2014 by Jason and Jeff Tapolci, Co-Founders and Board Members ABG Capital, VoIP Innovations, InspiraFS, and GlobalPOPs. The purpose of the Tapolci Foundation is to give back on a greater scale and make a more significant impact on the local western Pennsylvania communities. As an organization and help our communities flourish. The Tapolci Foundation was created as a tool to accomplish the goals of giving back. The Foundation was built upon the vision and values set forth by the late father Gerard (Jerry) F. Tapolci. The Tapolci Foundation was created to honor Jerry and the impact he had on so many people.


Phone: 412.725.6012
Email: jason@mentorpreneur.guru
Website: https://mentorpreneur.guru
Address: 2400, Ansys Dr. Suite 102, Canonsburg,  PA 15317