My Entrepreneurial Timeline

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. My journey began in my early teens when I started, Reliable Lawncare. When I graduated from college Reliable Lawncare became my first successful exit. Throughout my journey one thing remained consistent, I surrounded myself with entrepreneurs who knew more than me, I always had a coach and/or mentors, and I was eager to learn. This is the key entrepreneurial success and the ones who will succeed.

Computer Comfort, Inc.

In 1997, I took a job with my parents outsource computer firm, Computer Comfort, Inc..

GlobalPOPs, Inc. & End User Services, Inc.

In 2001 GlobalPOPs, Inc. and End User Services, Inc. were created by the shareholders want to enter the wholesale and retail Internet services industry to diversify our portfolio.

ABG Capital, Inc.

In 2006 ABG Capital, Inc. was create as a management and holding company for our portfolio companies. 

Veratext, Inc.

In 2007 Veratext, Inc. was created from our idea incubator.

InspiraFS, Inc.

In 2007 InspiraFS, Inc. was a startup created from an idea and blossomed into wholesale IRA investment network and investment platforms

VoIPstreet, Inc.

In 2006 VoIPstreet, Inc., a small voice-over-IP (VoIP) wholesale company was purchased for $30K.

VoIP Innovations, Inc.

In 2007 VoIP Innovations, Inc was created as a Q-sub under VoIPstreet, Inc.. 

Tapolci Foundation Non-Profit

Tapolci Foundation was founded in 2014 as a non-profit.

DTH America, LLC

DTH America was an acquisition made by ABG Capital in 2016. 

Vocaly, LLC.

Vocaly, LLC. was a startup created in 2016 by myself and two other seasoned telecommunications individuals.

Compati Home Care, LLC

Compati Home Care was an idea by an individual who I mentored, invested financially and became a partner. 

apidaze, Inc.

apidaze, Inc. was purchase in 2017 from a company in France.

PrimeTier, LLC.

PrimeTier, LLC. was a startup in 2017 by the same group that started Vocaly, LLC.. 

Patient Healthcare Partners, LLC

Patient Healthcare Partners, LLC. (PHCP).

Stradigi Digital, LLC.

Stradigi Digital, LLC. Is a startup that was created from an idea and is currently in the MVP business lifecycle stage.

Mentorpreneur, LLC.

Mentorpreneur was created for small business leaders looking for a mentor to help guide them to success.

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