My Entrepreneurial Story

The Road to Success and Small Business Mentoring

My Background

Hello, I’m Jason Tapolci, a born entrepreneur, some say, serial entrepreneur. I believe the American Dream of entrepreneurship is still alive and well, I am living proof. In 1998 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

I have devoted my entire professional career to one of my life’s passions, entrepreneurship. I founded, operated and scaled over 16 businesses in many different industries including telecommunications, Internet, financial services, IT services healthcare, digital marketing, call center, VPN, non-profit, and capital investment.

I have experienced much success with many of my companies, but I have also had some failures. I have been fortunate to have four successful business exits allowing me to secure my financial future. My financial freedom has allowed me to give back to the entrepreneurial community and do what I love, helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams through mentoring.

“I believe every entrepreneur, when aligned with the right guidance and experience, has within themselves the ability to achieve greatness in the business world.”

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